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At ‘Iole, we all have a role in creating an equitable and sustainable future. That’s why we create culturally responsible education experiences that help students, businesses, visitors, and the community understand this environment and discover the impact they can have on this world. If you share our vision for preparing the next generation of culturally responsible ahupua‘a stewards to work together to care for this land and our communities, we hope you’ll join us!

Your generous donations to ‘Iole Stewardship Center help support a number of initiatives, including restoring and maintaining both historic and cultural sites on property, further building on our educational programs, and allowing our mission to reach more people.

Ways to support

At ‘Iole Stewardship Center, we are guided by the values, principles and wisdom of Mālama ‘Āina or to care for and properly steward the land. This cultural belief and practice of our kupuna or ancestors date back to the 14th and 15th century to chief Ma‘ilikūkahi, the island of O‘ahu’s 8th Paramount King and architect of the ahupua‘a system. The shared aspiration for a Mālama ‘Āina mindset and the responsible management of an ahupua‘a system is to provide staple crops, clean water for drinking and agriculture, and to develop resources for tools, clothing, and artifacts for a material culture and thriving lāhui, Native Hawaiian peoples. Mālama ‘Āina is a wholistic worldview of natural elements (such as winds, sun, moon, stars, water) and environmental ecosystems that are interconnected with man’s co-existence as part of the living world. Thus, it is this island lens that is core to our natural landscape which is an essential totality of Island Consciousness.

Understanding the mana or spiritual force(s) of natural phenomenon and their role in shaping the environment is vital to man’s co-habitation, survival and island mindfulness. Thus, Sustainable Stewardship is the pono or proper, respectful, fair, and harmonious management of the ‘āina (land) and wai (water) in unison with supernatural forces to provide for the abundance of food and materials for the ultimate health and wellbeing of the people and community. The commitment to protect and preserve Sustainable Stewardship practices by sharing indigenous knowledge and passion to nurture thriving communities is Hawaiian, cultural resiliency. In doing so, we aspire to perpetuate an enduring love and affection for the land, natural environment, and cultural resources, or Aloha ‘Āina.

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Volunteers are vital to our mission and are needed in every aspect of ‘Iole—from gardening and landscaping to educational and community programs, administration, and special events. We hope you’ll join our intergenerational community of volunteers!

Email us to inquire about community work days or to schedule your school group, business team, ohana workday, or church workday.

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